Three Sisters Falls

November 8, 2014

Another short day hike near Canmore, Alberta.  This hike has a bit more difficulty in elevation, though it ends up being shorter than the Heart Creek hike I did earlier this day.  This also often intersects the Highline Trail; which is a mountain biking path.  The benefit is the path is worn and I found often used by bikers.  The only down side is there are a number of intersections where the Highline Trail meets up with the overlapping hiking path.

Heart Creek Falls

November 8, 2014

The last day that Alberta saw grass before another long winter.  It would barely be a positive temperature as overnight a great snowfall would come in with a harsh cold.  So I can count myself lucky that I was able to get out here to capture the waterfall I set my sights on back in March.

Sentinel Creek Falls

October 18, 2014

Just like my last post, this is a continuation of the Pint Lake Trail from Highway 11.  As I passed through this region last month with a huge goal of Entry Creek (12-13 Km), this time I set that as a distant goal and aimed to explore the creeks that I passed on my journey there.

O.D Falls

October 18, 2014

I could never get enough of the David Thompson Country and its many trails and trail network.  Of course I realize that this was my main go-to for 2014, but this remote region gives me plenty to enjoy time and again.  On this day I would return to the Pinto Lake Trail, where I last attempted to make it to Entry Creek Falls.  Knowing that a 12-13 Kilometer hike is a bit much to do for one person in a day, I set this as my futuristic goal and for now focused on the waterfalls and the creeks I passed on my way there.

Elbow Falls

September 27, 2014

Another easy roadside visit, this time in the Bragg Creek, Kananaskis Country region.  Sadly this day was overcast with a very wet misting rain.  Also, this being my first time in the region, I regret not having a few shots of how this area looked before the 2013 floods.  As you may tell in some of these shots there has been severe damage brought on from the rush of water over a year ago.

Website re-design/updates

September 17, 2014

I've made some minor adjustments on the site again.  This time I've added the province as an interactive Google Map for waterfalls I've tagged across all of Alberta.  There is a small map off on the left hand side; however I've also included the same map (though larger) under the maps section.  I hope with this interactive map you are better able to browse the site for waterfalls in your area.

Another minor change; the recent videos has been bumped from the bottom of the page to the side bar (just below links to videos).  This was done to be more user friendly while looking for videos in relation to the hikes.

Enjoy the slightly changed and added features!

October 05, 2014

Another update for the website coming soon!  I'll be taking a break before my much anticipated return to the Rockies in late October.  Although during this time I've found some new artistic photographic talent that I'm excited to implement!  In late October, for the first time I will be exploring Photo Spheres / 360 Degree Panoramic photos.  I hope to put this to good use in providing more visual exploration of the waterfalls in the Rockies!