Elizabeth Falls

July 26, 2015

The idea on this adventure was to complete a quick and simple day trip; the bike route around Mt. Shark offered just that.  There would be two of my friends joining me on this bike trip and we would explore these wide trails on our mountain bikes for roughly six kilometers and another 800 meters on foot to the Karst Spring.

Don't let the word spring put you off doing this trail, as the size of these cascading waterfalls were thunderous for being brought on by a spring.  Once I made it to the placard at the end of the trail, it would explain how Karst Springs are formed.  Although let it be known that the spring is powerful enough that it must be the cause of Watridge Lake!

Spring Lake Falls & Entry Creek Cascades

July 23, 2015

I would return to the Pinto Lake Trail and attempt once more to venture along the many creeks in search of waterfalls.  Once again I would aim for the Entry Creek and Lake of the Falls looking for tributaries and reminisce of waterfalls.

Unlike past trips I brought a multi-day pack to attempt overnights in the area in order to cover more grounds (read my earlier write up of O.D Falls along this hike).  Over all I would achieve 12 Km from the staging area and along Entry Creek; though I would fall short of the Entry Creek Falls, I didn't come back empty handed.
(***Video Coming Soon***)

O.D Falls

July 23, 2015

During the higher water flow season I set off on Pinto Lake Trail with a goal to capture as many waterfalls as possible along the various side trails.  I once again stopped at O.D creek and even found another path above the creek on a ridge.  

The water seems to create two falls below the bridge.  There appears to be a smaller upper falls (Below) and a much more prominent lower falls into the Cline River (above; as best as I could muster).

Only 2.2 Kilometers in on your hike you will cross this creek.  The sad news is there isn't a good view of the waterfall.  The reason for this is because you are standing atop the spot where the falls occur and the over growth of trees causes a great deal of coverage looking down on the creek.  I'll have to explore the view from the Coral Creek trail to see if this offers a better broad view.

(Morro) Hawk Canyon Falls

July 10, 2015

Once again back in Jasper, and once more doing the search for this elusive canyon I'm told about.  The word of mouth ice climbing community has pointed me in this direction, and I find myself back with my puppy attempting this bike path once more.  My initial goals were to venture on a number of trails in the Maligne Lake region, however overnight Jasper received a lightning strike along Excelsior Creek (where I planned to spend the night had I left on time the day prior).  This marks the second time this trail has become my back-up plan.

Though I would love to make this trail a Plan A - with my bike!

Ogre Canyon

June 27, 2015

This remote location in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains have some of the most stunning, awe inspiring views.  Standing high enough in the mountain, at times, to see eye-level with the peaks in the distance offers a view not found often enough on the Alberta side of the Rockies.

Like the last time I went out this way, I would travel through the small village of BrulĂ©.  Once you reach the gate at the other end of the village you will start a rough 8 Kilometers of rugged off road.  Unlike many of the fire roads I've come across in the mountains, this path is by far the most rugged I've seen to date.  The last four kilometers alone took me 45 minutes in my Subaru Imprezza.  Note: please close the gates behind you!

Morro-Hawk Canyon

May 30, 2015

This trip was to redeem my May plans of biking in the Ghost Region.  Though I didn't bring my bike, I did bring man's best friend along with me.  As my girlfriend and her uncle were tourists in Jasper for the day, I had only a couple hours with my puppy on this mountain.  I would caution when bringing a dog along with you that on this mountain I have always seen goats, in a large 20 plus size family as well as the biggest cougar tracks imaginable.