Outtakes/Bloopers #2

February 11, 2016

It's been a while since I released my first blooper reel.  At that time it combined a nearly two year span; which to my luck, so does this version.

These bloopers take place from late 2013 until nearly fall of 2015; but lucky me as I didn't fall in the water this time :)

Peskett Canyon Falls

January 16, 2016

First off I could be here all day listing off some of the naming conventions of this canyon, creek and waterfall.  I will list the most common (and drop the other half dozen); Peskett Canyon, BAUTUS Canyon, End of the Line & O.D Canyon.

As the O.D. Creek flows in the opposing direction, on the other side of the mountain peak, I decided that this was not a proper naming convention of this canyon (despite the top of the waterfall starting from the O.D peak).  I also made a decision to drop BAUTUS Canyon, as this had been named by the ice climbing community.  Although this waterfall only really found recognition because of the ice climbers that climbed their ascent, one frozen winter; the name BAUTUS Canyon caused it to fall short for its presence in the summer months.

The region does however regularly speak of the creek as Peskett Creek, in both summer and winter, which causes me to continue with the name as Peskett Canyon Falls.

Mt. Elliot (Elliot's Left Hand, Kittyhawk)

January 16, 2016

In the winter this mountain becomes alive to the ice climbing community.  The most common of the ice climbs is known as "Elliot's left hand", though canyons and creeks around this mountain also have some lesser known ice climbs; the two that will be discussed on this day's adventure are Kittyhawk and the aforementioned Elliot's Left Hand.

The parking area for both of these waterfalls is on a side road off of the Highway (Hwy11) labeled Range Road 180A.  This road will veer down towards Abraham Lake, though in the winter is not completely kept plowed.  The good news is the plows apparently keep the inlet of the road clear, allowing for a slightly larger pull over off of the highway.

Note: I noticed a sign on my approach from Cline River, however did not see one on my return towards Nordegg.

Waterfalls AB - Book!

I'm excited to finally release this amazing news!  Over the past two+ years I've been diligently working away at completing this guidebook and my work has finally come to fruition!

I first commenced this book back in the fall of 2013, scraping together some of my trips and attempting to form what then later became the guidebook.  With an ambitious goal to get this all together in time for Christmas, I had a task ahead of me.  First I needed to make sure to complete a bulk of my unfinished trips from past years.  This also led to my need to do a return trip in Waterton Lakes in 2015 to expand my small variety of hikes I attempted on my first time down to the south of the province.  I also made a great effort in pushing exploration in David Thompson, turning what was three completed trips into many.

Though I had many other goals this past year, once I had a response from a publisher on picking up my book and making this dream a reality, everything changed. Priority Printing has become a great place to help guide me through this journey, and full credit to them for putting up with this stubborn adventurer.

I will soon release information on how and where I'll be distributing the book.  I'll be making the first issues available within and around the parks, for the local communities.  For those that end up purchasing a copy, I hope you really enjoy what has taken me so long to produce.

Goals of 2016

Another year gone, and yet another to explore!

For the year of 2015 my biggest exploration was Waterton Lakes National Park, by growing that map tenfold.  Sadly my last two years of attempting ice climbing has resulted in uncompleted tasks; though I did start updating a map of ice climbing locations in the province!

The coming year will spur further what I started last year by opening up map locations more remote regions of the Rockies.  Some regions such as Rock Lake, Whitehorse Wilderness & Ghost River have many trails to be sought and explored!

Year Wrap-Up (2015)

2015 was one of my more difficult years; not in terms of hard trails, but in terms of getting out to explore.  I had a large number of events occur over the year that held me back from heading out to the Rockies.  As a result my list of goals for 2015 was mostly left undone.

There was a silver lining thought!  By the end of the summer I managed to kick my trips in high gear.  I explored a great deal over the months of July & August.  During this time I managed to cover Waterton Lakes in great detail, marking that as my most major achievement of the year!  A second positive to the year is the two new map locations I've opened up; Rock Lake & Ghost River.  Though I barely even scratched the surface on the waterfalls in these regions, nonetheless I felt it was time to branch out into more territory for the site.

Sadly, though I eventually did managed to kick the trips into high gear, I still didn't get out as much as the years prior.  This means the video compilation of the year-end may be a little lack luster compared to years past.  However, another new attribute to my trips this year was the addition of Loki!  My furry companion made many video cameos over the year and has become another pest in the house (like his father), nagging for more trips to the Rockies.