Maligne Canyon

January 31, 2015

Though my initial attempt would be Morrow-Hawk Canyon, I was chased off the mountain top by sheep.  So not a bad second option.  I've come to this canyon a few times now, but today was the first time I made it during a decent freeze.  Though this winter has mostly been a prolonged spring, it was cold enough in the early going of the day to keep most of the water locked away in ice.

Ogre Canyon

January 31, 2015

As the sun came up on the Rockies I was hoping I would be exploring new territory in the foothills of Jasper National Park.  Ogre Canyon is found at the bottom tip of Rock Lake Provincial Park; bordering the East of Jasper National Park.

To venture in this area I learnt a few things this day that I wasn't able to uncover online.  Just West of Hinton you will take the highway north bound to Grand Cache; and continue on this road for a ways until there is a marked turn off for BrulĂ©.  Once you have taken this left you will follow the BrulĂ© sign until the end of the road; which comes to the fence (pictured above).

Goals of 2015

Its that time of year again and I'm declaring my intentions for the year ahead.  Like years past I'll list out my (potential) plans for the year to start discussion from those exploring the site & to help myself properly plan for the year 2015.

The past year was used as a successful follow up to a list of waterfalls I've been attempting (in some cases) numerous times.  Some major goals were achieved; such as the completion of Snake Indian Falls in a day as well as further exploration within the chain of trails around the David Thompson Highway.

The coming year will have only three repeats in my "to-do" list, though most importantly will have the inclusion of some new Rocky Mountain territory for me.  I hope to branch out into this new turf and map while exploring these regions.  However, don't worry I won't forget my favorite locations from the last couple years!

Year wrap-up (2014)

For me 2014 will be labeled a success on a number of levels.  Although I didn't manage to film quite as many of my trips, nor did I get out and explore new terrain; I did however make some pretty successful achievements.

This year marks the first for me completing Snake Indian Falls in a day trip (an 11-12 hour trip no less).  Though I didn't manage to get a full video there, or during my canoe trip in Jasper, I did collect enough to store in the compilation!

Staying true to how I did this last year; the following is a compilation video of all my trips from 2014:

I'll soon release the plans for 2015, which (spoiler alert) might end up being my biggest and most bold year yet.

Trapper Creek Falls

December 13, 2014

My initial intention in the Maligne region of Jasper was to scout for what Ice Climbers refer to as "Shades of Ugly".  However as the parking lots were not clear and a line of sight from the road wasn't readily available, I opted for a secondary option and headed down to the lake for Maligne Pass.

Morrow Hawk Canyon

December 13, 2014

My trip to Jasper in December had one goal in mind, scout out some trails to known ice climbing hot spots.  Not only are Ice climbs most often the best indicators for waterfalls in the winter time, I also have future plans to learn the sport!  Hopefully in a month's time I'll be strapping up for a ice climb and of course I'll be filming my attempt (however poor).  This region of Jasper however is used by a slightly more experienced group of climbers.  Knowing that I'm not anywhere near their skill, I only wanted to search out my future competition.

I would park off the highway in a small pull-over parking spot, West of Edna Lake and East of the Palisades (Celestine Road).  I would hike near 3Km however stop just shy of the canyon, as I would need more proper gear to scramble into the canyon for a photo.