Stones Canyon Creek

April 18, 2015

For this waterfall venture I threw a dart and was hoping the gamble would pay off.  From the Quarry Lake Dog Park I ventured up along a path that took me into Highline trail and continued further into the mountain's ridge.  This would only be a short hike, however I managed to investigate enough that wet my appetite for a future trip.

Canmore Falls

April 18, 2015

As promised I would return to the Canmore Falls area during the summer months to capture the waterfall during its full flow.  I wasn't disappointed, as there was no snow in sight this time which made photographing the waterfall much more elegant.

Grotto Canyon

April 17, 2015

This trip would be my Walk For Wildlife (+Canadian Wildlife Federation) hike of the year!  I was excited for many reasons, one in particular for the CWF's Species At Risk, and as this would be the first family trip for my girlfriend and I to bring along our new puppy Loki.  The real good news is he was great on camera, as a camera and even better at keeping to the trails with me.

There will hopefully be more trips with him in the future.

Jura Canyon Falls

April 17, 2015

Though I might be optimistic here, I do believe that there lies a waterfall in and along the Jura Canyon, even though the trail may veer away from the location of a potential waterfall. Judging by the topography of the creek, it seems highly likely that a waterfall may tumble along the ridge of the mountain.

On this trip the flow of the water hasn't picked up more than a trickle, and as a result I never spent much time investigating.  I will return to the East of the hamlet of Exshaw in the future when a regular amount of water is flowing from the mountain tops.

Kananaskis Dam & Falls

April 17, 2015

I took a day off to attempt carving out new territory in the North Bow (+AlbertaParks), and thought perhaps a trail between Kananaskis Dam and Horseshoe Falls would be a great start.  These plans would be spoiled as it appears that all roads and paths that exist around this area are closed and restricted private land.

I will need to do more research and look into a parking and path along this river that doesn't threat to shoot on sight.  Until then I've managed to get shots of the Kananaskis Dam.  

Walk for Wildlife - 2015

April 1, 2015

I'm once again registered for the Walk for Wildlife with +Canadian Wildlife Federation!  It was a success last year; raising $100 for the Species at Risk.  As such I thought I should give this another try!  This year the CWF are dedicating their proceeds to 20 different affected species across canada.

Follow the link below to help donate, or register your own walks! 

This year I have a couple different plans for my walks.  The first one will be this month in and around Canmore & Kananaskis!  The second should take me to the new territory around Ghost River and will be done on a bike/hike trip in May.

Thanks for those that are supporting the species at risk!