Snake Indian Falls - Video!

After teasing this video in some of my compilations since the start of 2015, I've finally completed a video for my favorite trip in the Rockies!  Having tackled this on bike three times, once alone, I can finally say after my trip in 2014 that I've come back successful!

As mentioned in the write up in July of last year, I wasn't able to properly film the entire trip.  I opted to complete the bike ride, over spending the extra energy filming.  This came as a necessity since by the end of the 11 hour day of straight biking, I was exhausted.  This said, I did have the camera out for some pieces of the trip, not forgetting that my goal was to share this with everyone.  However without having enough to put a full trip together, the video is actually a compilation itself of the three trips I've taken.

Canmore (Upper) Falls

August 28, 2015

The last time I was at the dog park in Canmore I was searching around on the Highline Trail.  While out and about along the trail passing by the bikers, my girlfriend and little friendly fluff ball were playing in the park with other dogs.  They picked up on the scent of a nearby spring that drops a small waterfall into a creek.  This day I set out to search for this waterfall.  Sadly I didn't find the spring (Grassi Spring Falls) I sought, instead what I believed to be the waterfall they spoke of, was actually another waterfall along Canmore Creek.  I now believe I uncovered where this separate trail to the spring exists among the forest of the Quarry Lake Park.

Silverhorn Falls

August 28, 2015

A roadside waterfall that is kind of hard to spot.  Thanks to the paving that was occurring on the highway I was able to look up and notice this unsuspecting waterfall dropping down the side of Silverhorn Mountain.  The good news is the construction in ongoing and created a new pull over parking spot.  My GPS may be off here as I was not expecting to capture much less witness a waterfall at this juncture.  For those looking to explore this area, it`s the first pull over, north of Peyto Lake.

Mistaya Canyon Falls

August 28, 2015

The last time, and only other time, that I've attempted this trail was during a harsh winter.  As a result my only other impression of this area was covered in a blanket of snow.  This caused me to write this off, believing that the waterfall was covered under the white stuff and not visible until summer.

Norman Creek Falls

August 27, 2015

This is a hike I've always wanted to try out.  With a naming convention of Sunset Pass, it made me want to sit the peak as the sun was setting.  I had my chance this time as I would be nearing the end of the day.  Other naming conventions of this trail could be called; Norman Creek or Pinto Lake Trail.

Wilson Falls

August 27, 2015

I've passed this waterfall so many times I can't count.  Each time I went past at highway speeds thinking that I might have been crazy for thinking there was a waterfall on Mount Wilson.  This time I would pull alongside the gravel on the highway and prove my assumptions correct.  An impressive waterfall being permanently pushed aside by the wind as it drops an incredible distance.  Wilson Falls may be hard to see, but is a strong plunge falls in Banff's North.